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" I reckin as you might say so/' the negro said.

Monroe re-entered the room, in his hand a knife that
shone bright and new in the light. He gave the knife to
Mr. Munn. Mr. Mimn held the two knives side by side,
comparing their shapes.

" They got them same little square-headed brass brads and
I figgered we done had it."

" It's got the trade-mark," Mr. Munn pointed out. " You
can see that/'

Burke reached over and picked up the knife which he had
found, and inspected it. " Yes/' he said, " that's right/' He
tossed it on to the table.

Mr. Munn raised his eyes and looked directly at the negro.
" Where did you get this knife?" he demanded.

The negro looked down at the knife, which lay where
Burke had dropped it, and then at his questioner. "Boss/'
he began—and his tongue licked out tentatively to wet his
lips, a sudden childish and innocent pink against the black
skin and the parched-looking greyness of the lips—"boss, a
great-big ole bullfrog done found me that-air knife. Hit

"Sweet Jesus!*' Burke breathed softly.

"—hit wuz this-a-way. I wuz goen down to slop me some
shoats I got me, one day last summer long 'bout sun. I seen
a great-big bullfrog a-hoppen along this side that-air branch
whar my shoats does they walleren* and I figgered I'd ketch
him and I set that-air bucket down and I started toward him
and he kept on a-hoppen and a-hoppen, and I thowed my
hat at him and I tried to ketch him, but he kept on a-hoppen.
'Fore I knowed hit he hopped right under that-air cawn-crib,
right up under whar the log wuz a-setten on the hunk of
timerock, and I retched up under and grabbed holt of his laig
aod pulled Mm out, and 'fore-God-a-mighty, he 'drug out
fhftt-ftir knife, and I say, now, I never, but I seen hit wuz a
good knife, so I taken hit and cut off his laigs and put 'em
in my pocket and thowed that ole frog in the dirt, then I say,
naw, III give him to my shoats, so I picked him up and put